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A career pharmacy is not just only about filling prescriptions – pharmacists also provide advice and warnings with specific medicine’s side effects, interactions with other drugs, and a whole lot more. It’s about promoting health awareness and contributing towards the betterment of a community, and is a career with great responsibility.


Starting off the New Year with some healthy resolutions? Check out these great events to help kick off your 2016 with vigour and purpose.

TENS Machine

There’s a deep pain in your knee, and you don’t want to take more pain medication to cope with it, you tell your doctor and they suggest you try a TENS machine. Never heard of it? In this post, we review one of the latest trends in the health industry – TENS machines.

Woman Overindulging

Christmas Parties, School Holidays, Boxing Day and New Year’s celebrations, the past and forthcoming weeks are sure to have brought/bring a lot of fun and some great memories bonding with family, friends and co-workers – but with them a lot of opportunities to overindulge.

Occupational Therapist

There’s nothing like that feeling when you can help and see someone succeed and smile after accomplishing an activity or task they couldn’t do before. In this post, we talk about pursuing a career in occupational therapy – what is it really all about and is it for you?

Man Staying Hydrated

Feeling dizzy? Have a dry mouth? A pounding headache? You might be dehydrated and it’s especially common in the summer. With temperatures rising it can be much easier to get dehydrated quickly, in this post we share with you some important info to help you and your patients stay hydrated in the summertime.


The month of December is a special month for some of the biggest international events for health causes. In this post, we let you know a little bit more about them and encourage you to get involved and share them to as many people as you can.

Speech Pathologist

Considering a career in Speech Pathology? In this week’s blog we aim to help you make the decision in pursuing a career in this profession and take a closer look at some of the benefits, challenges and many facets that make a speech pathologist invaluable.  

Physiotherapy Update

Last week, the Physiotherapy Board of Australia (PBA) put out its registrant update. One of the key initiatives of the Board is to explore a case for putting together a submission to the health ministers for approval to grant an endorsement on the registration of eligible physiotherapists to prescribe medicines.

Organ Donation Concept

A young boy approaches a grieving young woman and says thank you, he is alive because of her husband’s donation after an unexpected accident that took his life. It’s not always like this; in fact most times it’s completely anonymous. But whether it’s transparent or not, donating organs and tissue can save lives. According to the Organ and Tissue Authority Australia, in 2014, 378 organ donors gave 1,117 Australians a new chance in life. However, there is an average of 1,600 people on the Australian organ transplant waiting lists at any time.

In this week’s blog post we talk about this important choice post mortem and share a few things you, and/or your patients’ might not have known about organ donations.

Blood Pressure Check

A recent article in The Weekend Australian newspaper highlighted the variability in the standards and delivery of health care across Australia. The article cited a report that revealed areas around Australia where treatments are being delivered inappropriately. 

For example, PBS data suggests that antipsychotic medications are being prescribed inappropriately in those over 65 with the highest rate being in Yarra in Victoria. Hospital admission data shows that radical prostatectomies are being performed in New England and Northern West NSW more frequently despite there being other less invasive evidenced based treatments with similar outcomes. 

Leukaemia Cells

Leukaemia is not just a childhood cancer; it can affect anyone at any age. At this stage there is no known cause; there are many theories, but to date no one can definitively say what causes Leukaemia. Many people will not realise that there are many forms of Leukaemia and, in fact, each individual type of Leukaemia may be slightly different.

Donor Thank You Day

There are a number of important health events taking place throughout the month of November, and we’ve listed some of the main ones. These are all very worthy causes and you can find out how to get involved below.


The new buzzword in the provision of home care services is ‘enablement’: so what does this mean? Last year when I climbed Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania with my son to raise money for the Leukaemia Foundation I needed a lot of support to enable me to reach the summit and to get back down again! 

Excessive Drinker

When it comes to alcohol consumption, a 2014 World Health Organisation (WHO) report listed Australia as the 19th highest country for alcohol consumed per capita.

But while these numbers don’t necessarily symbolise excessive drinking among those who do consume alcohol in Australia, issues such as binge drinking throughout the country have been often discussed. If you have a patient who you believe may have a drinking problem, it’s important that you educate them not just on the short term risks of excessive drinking, but also how they can be affected in the long term.

Mental Illness Depression

In any given year, approximately 20% of Australians will experience mental illness. Despite this significant statistic, mental illness remains an often stigmatised and misunderstood aspect of the human condition. For those suffering from a mental illness, it can make it difficult for them to open up about their illness for fear that they will be dismissed or have their condition trivialised.

Food Groups

Throughout the world, different countries outline key guidelines pertaining to how many serves of any one food type should be consumed each day.

In Australia, this comes in the form of the Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) in accordance to the Australian Dietary Guidelines. We have provided the entirety of these recommendations below, as listed by Nutrition Australia.

Health Career Professional

Regardless of which health profession you may be interested in pursuing, chances are it will require you to attend university. For Queensland students looking to enter tertiary education, much of this is done through QTAC - the Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre. 

Anyone looking to attend university in Queensland needs to take QTAC’s key dates into consideration, particularly those who are currently completing high school and are looking to go straight into university next year.

Woman Practising Tai Chi

One thing we know for sure is that regular exercise is important in promoting health and in the management of many chronic conditions. One of the difficulties faced by all health practitioners is how to encourage patients to exercise, in particular patients over 70 years of age - many in this group have comorbidities.

Acai Berry

In this past, we’ve discussed the hype that surrounds different types of food/produce that have been marketed as ‘superfoods’. As it turns out, the acai berry is one such food to have been given this label. To a certain extent, there are good reasons for this - especially when it comes to the berry’s value as an antioxidant.

However, as with any food claimed to possess superior health benefits, it’s important to look at the whole picture and be objective. While acai berries are certainly worth consuming for the purposes of better health, no one should think of them as a miracle cure.

World Sight Day

With October almost upon us, now’s a good time to provide an overview of some of the health-related events taking place throughout the month. Raising awareness to important health causes is something we strongly believe in as it helps everyone gain awareness, education and appreciation for different health causes - both physical and mental.


Have you been considering a career as a physiotherapist? If so, we’ve listed some key information you’ll need to be mindful of if you decide to pursue physiotherapy as your profession of choice.


While the power and importance of the internet cannot be understated, it’s also helped foster a concerning behaviour among people: the tendency to self-diagnose when they believe they’re suffering from a physical or mental medical condition. 

While some self-diagnosis can be relatively harmless (if you have a runny nose it’s not wrong to assume you likely have a cold), it can be problematic and even life-threatening when it comes to more chronic conditions that people effectively misdiagnose by trying to figure it out for themselves. 

Cycling Triathlete

Triathlons comprise swimming, biking and running of varying distances. They are considered some of the most challenging and rewarding endurance tests out there, with a particularly popular example being the Ironman Triathlon. 

But while building one’s endurance can be good, overdoing it can present a number of health risks - especially for those who have reached their 40s or older.

Line up of Antioxidants

Antioxidants are important for the human body, playing a key role in the prevention of disease and other severe health issues. If your patients have any questions regarding antioxidants and why they matter, as well as what food contains them, you can use the following as a reference point.

Man with Fitness Tracker

Over the past couple of years, more and more wearable tech in the form of smart watches and fitness bands have emerged and become viable companions for those who are looking to track their exercise and fitness efforts.

Woman with Hay Fever

Spring is back for another year, and while it is a time of regrowth and warmer, longer days, it can also be a health-related nightmare for those who suffer from seasonal allergies.

The effects of Spring can differ depending on which part of Australia people live, but anyone who has discovered they struggle with hay fever knows that Spring is the worst time of year for their allergies.

Smiling dentist

Are you interested in becoming a dentist? If so, there are some important things to remember. In this blog, we take you through some of the key points to account for when it comes to pursuing a career in dentistry - from education to employment.

Green Tea

If ever there were a tea that is often hailed as one of the healthiest in the world, it’d be green tea. This isn’t just an opinion held by much of the general public, but researchers as well. Christopher Ochner, PhD, a research scientist in nutrition at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital has gone on record, stating that green tea is “the healthiest thing I can think of to drink”. 

Homeopathy Image

Lately there seems to have been a backlash against wellness bloggers with their potentially misguided information to a multitude of followers about their how to cure complex disease with natural products.

“Wellness warrior” blogger Jessica Ainscough died earlier this year at age 30 from an epithelioid cancer. This condition could have been managed using conventional medicine.

Doctor with Medical Syringe

Do you know the 3 steps involved in the management of a sharps injury? Could you assist a colleague?

With many health care disciplines now performing diagnostics and treatments using needles, it is imperative to combat the incidence of hepatitis and other blood borne diseases in the event of a needle stick injury.

Fun run example

Throughout the year, numerous fun runs take place across Australia, often in the name of raising money for various causes. While being for a range of important causes, fun runs and other similar events are a great way of promoting better health for everyone.

Symptom Checker

The use of online tools and search engines in general for checking medical symptoms are well established now for patients and some medical professionals alike – with millions of visits to these types of sites per month in the US and UK documented. However, how trustworthy are they?

Jeans for Genes

Health and well-being is an extremely important aspect of a good life.

While individuals can visit doctors to enquire about specific health concerns they may have, a general increased awareness of the health risks that exist in the world - as well as the steps that can be taken to fight them - is something we should all strive for.

Woman with neck pain

The incidence of neck pain has risen in recent years, with a staggering 50% of people thought to have neck pain at any given point in time. Females and office workers have been shown to have a higher incidence in females of neck pain. This impacts not only on the individuals with neck pain but also causes considerable social and economic burden to health-care and businesses.


Each year, approximately 8,000 Australian students graduate with a nursing qualification. But while nurses are often in high demand, the number of graduates - as well as internationally qualified nurses currently residing in Australia with eligible visas - means that there is a lot of competition.

There are no specific foolproof steps you can take to getting a foot in the door as much as you’ll need to have patience and perseverance. Depending on your state/territory, the path necessary to becoming a nurse (be it a registered nurse, a midwife, or both) may differ.

Flu Season Sign

This year, with the most recent numbers, flu season is considered to be in effect. As of writing this blog, Australia’s Department of Health has released figures noting the number of influenza cases currently sits at 14,124. 2,000 cases of influenza were reported within a week-long period alone.

Dark Chocolate Health

Dark chocolate. It may not be to everyone’s taste (some find it a bit too bitter), but the reported health benefits associated with this dark slice of cocoa are plentiful. As with any food type, however, it’s a food best enjoyed in moderation - a point always worth reiterating to patients.


Superfood Blueberries

No doubt you’ve heard the term superfood. And no doubt your patients have, too. But just because a number of different foods - particularly plant-based, fish, and dairy - have earned the ‘superfood’ label doesn’t mean that they’re peerless in a dietary sense. ‘Superfoods’ is not a food group - it’s merely a word.

Nature and health

Most of us lead increasingly busy day-to-day lives, whether we’re working, studying, looking after family or simply running around and completing errands.

As we complete many of these tasks, a large of percentage of them can occur with no real time spent in the surroundings of nature. This can impact on our health, as research has shown that nature plays a role in improving almost all aspects of our health, from the mental to the physical.

Glasses of Water

Water. It’s one of the most vital natural resources we have as human beings, and it plays a clear role in keeping our body functioning the way it should. But how many glasses of water should we actually be drinking per day? The common statement is 8 glasses. In the US, this accounts for 8 glasses totalling 8 ounces each.

health app example

With the ever-present popularity of smart phones, and now the growing appeal of smart watches, health apps have become a big part of many people’s everyday lives.

But while so many health apps manage to flood the smart device market, a key question remains: are they actually any good for you?


For many people in the working world, their jobs will leave them sitting at a desk for the better part or entirety of their day. When working a 9 to 5 desk job, the long hours spent at the desk with minimum physical activity can have an impact on overall health.

When working in such a job, it’s important that measures are taken to help level out the balance between physical and mental exercise - which desk jobs tend to involve. Advising patients about how to achieve a good work/life balance and health goals is essential in the prevention of illness and the management of chronic disease.

risk calculator concept

Do I actually want to know if I had an increased risk of dying in the next 5 years? If I could do anything about it, I suppose I would!

tip of the tongue syndrome - businessman

Can you remember who wrote that quintessential Australia novel The Thorn Birds? You’ve read the book, you know that Bryan Brown was in the mini series and that he married the lead actress Rachel Ward - and you absolutely know who wrote it – its at the tip of your tongue – the more you think about it – the further away it gets – and then – a few minutes or a few hours later – it just pops into your head. You may have just experienced Tip of the Tongue syndrome (TOT).

Writing A Successful CV And Securing An Interview

As a Health Professional when applying for a new job, your CV could get you an initial foot in the door. By following these simple guidelines you can ensure that your CV is added to the interview pile rather than being thrown straight in the bin.

How To Maximise Your Business Portfolio

Are you thinking about building a business portfolio or are you stuck in researching your options? Shake off your analysis paralysis and take action - here's how to start.

Red Wine Benefits 3

New studies are not showing the links many believed to be present between Red Wine and health benefits. But is it time to give up our daily drop?

Registering For GST

As a new graduate Dentist there are a lot of considerations - included in these are GST and tax.

Ethically Convincing The Vaccine Reluctant Parent

The arena of vaccines and the anti-vaccination movement, like that of climate change and climate change deniers, has become bloody and wrought with conspiracy theories and fears that have firmly entrenched themselves in the minds of many parents.

Life As A Physiotherapy New Graduate

Graduation is just the beginning for our new Physio. So, what's next? Job hunting, traveling, further study, moving? Even she may be surprised!

Healthindustry - AppleSlicesMarket

Podiatrists diagnose and manage injuries and diseases relating to the feet and lower limbs. They treat not only musculoskeletal conditions, but also nail and skin complications.

Home Loans For Health Professionals

Health Professionals need to take many factors into consideration when purchasing a  home. This video will run you through 5 of the most important ones.

Jet Lag Can You Lessen The Blow

What causes Jet Lag and Travel Fatigue and how can you reduce the worst symptoms? We discuss some of the recent research and most helpful strategies to combat them.

Ways To Save On Your Superannuation

Superannuation is an often neglected part of our busy working lives. BUT! The sooner you take control of your Super the better your retirement options. So, why wait?

New Doctor On The Block

As a newly minted medical intern, if I could go back and talk to myself at the beginning of my internship as a medical graduate, I would give myself this advice...

Quit Smoking

Ignoring & fostering smoking addiction in patients can't be an option. The numerous health benefits to quit smoking far outweigh any discomfort the smoker may experience while withdrawing and stopping.


Why do you need a life insurance policy – what are the details of your current life insurance policy?

Disclosure Consent 2

Consistent, quality healthcare across the board – via a number of healthcare professionals – serves a patient’s best interests. But in order for all participating practitioners to be on the same page, some sensitive information may be disclosed. But are your patients aware of this?

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Health Industry blogs will present relevant and topical subjects for all Health Professionals. We will cover clinical issues as well as business and general interest and welcome your comments and feedback.


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